Leslie Macher
Executive Vice President Army, Space & Missile Defense

Ms. Macher has over 36 years of experience in space, missile defense and C4ISR systems engineering, analysis and operations. As a former Army Signal Corps Officer and current defense contractor, Ms. Macher supervises professional and support personnel responsible for providing analytical, scientific and engineering expertise in support of Army, Air Force and Navy experiments, exercises, prototype development  studies and analyses.

Ms. Macher spent 13 years in the United States Army, Signal Corps.  Highlights of her Army career include command of a rapid response SATCOM organization; Office Of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (OJCS) Contingency Operations Branch (J6Z); Training with Industry at Boeing Aerospace Company focused on ISR applications; Liaison Officer to US Army Space and Missile Defense Command; and the Army Staff, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (ODCSOPS), Space Division.

Ms. Macher has a BS from Northeast Missouri State University (Truman) and she participated in ARINC University Executive Development Program at the University of Maryland Smith School of  Business.